English Premier League: Man City 3-0 over West Ham

Man City 3-0 over West HamSay good-bye to a 6 point lead Chelsea. Saturday’s English Premier League game between West Bromwich and Manchester City gave City 3 more points, shortening the gap to first place.

The easy win came as West Brom had the wrong punter dismissed for a foul, leaving them with 10 players and giving the extra chance for Man City to take the lead.

The error by referee Neil Swarbick will likely be the talk of the West Brom side for a while as it was Defender Craig Dawson who fouled Wilfried Bony, not Gareth McAuley, and live betting services were temporarily suspended to adjust for the error.

West Bromwich coach Tony Pulis talked to Swarbick at the half, but it was unclear what was said.

A commentator from the BBC instantly had words for the mixup.

“I’m sorry but that is just a horrendous decision. One player has got Dawson on his back, and the other has McAuley” said Danny Mills.

“Does the referee not have the common sense to just say to one of his officials, have I got the right man? They are all mic’d up.”

Despite the play being clearly visible to all watching, the English Premier League will likely go along with Swarbick’s ruling and let it stand.

To be fair there is a lot of ground to cover and player numbers to watch in an English Premier League match, and it would be wiser for the referee to consult another.

Swarbrick has since apologized for the dismissal.

Last month the same thing happened to Sunderland’s Wes Brown. Referee Roger East failed to see who fouled Radamel Falcao of Manchester United, and gave the red card to Brown when in fact it was ohn O’Shea who had done the fouling.

Last year a couple of referee mistakes were made and ignored. In March referee Andre Marriner mistakenly sent away Arsenal’s Kieran Gibbs in a game against Chelsea when he should have given it to Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain who had pushed an Eden Hazard’s shot away from goal with his hand.

In April a game between Liverpool and West Ham United was greatly overshadowed by referee Anthony Taylor’s bad calls and ending in a 2-1 win for Liverpool.