Essien believes that Inzaghi will be successful at Milan

A.C. MilanMichael Essien and many price per head agents believe that Filippo Inzaghi has everything needed to succeed as the head coach of Milan.

On Tuesday, the San Siro club was able to properly fight back from being down two goals and earn a draw of 2-2 when the team faced Empoli, and now they find themselves seven points away from their first four matches in the Serie A.

Milan would like to get rid of the bad memories of a very ugly campaign that saw them finish at eight place last time around, and Essien is confident that now a 41-year-old Inzaghi will help the team make it very far.

“He’s a good person first and foremost and is doing a good job as a coach, too,” said the midfielder.

“He’s relatively young as a full-time Serie A coach but I have no doubt he’ll do well if he carries on in this way.

“It’s not easy to coach and manage football clubs, let alone a great club like Milan, so I have a lot of respect for him for taking up the challenge and he is giving it everything he has.”

Essien – currently out of the game due to injury – also said that Milan being out of European competition will be able to help the club, and price per head agents would like to see how the team will benefit from this.

“I’m sure it will help us although we still would liked to have been in Europe,” he said. “We have to look ahead but we mustn’t forget we need to work hard to be able to do well in Serie A.

“Not being in Europe doesn’t automatically mean you’ll do well. It means fewer games and good recovery times compared to those in Europe but we still have to work hard and take our opportunities as they come throughout the season.”

Spain International Fernando Torres, who is a former team-mate of the Ghanian at Chelsea, went back to playing with Essien in Italy after he joined the ranks of Milan on loan.

Essien said, “I am convinced we’ll see lots of goals from Fernando.”