Eto’o believes that Sampdoria can make it to the Champions League

With Samuel Eto’o Sampdoria will be able to qualify for the Champions LeagueSamuel Eto’o believes that this season Sampdoria will be able to qualify for the Champions League, something that the team’s fans would really like to see happen, and sportsbook software services believe that they could have a very good chance of making it, with the right effort.

On Thursday, the player spoke about his wish to help his side make it to the UEFA Champions League in a session with reporters.

Eto’o signed a deal of two-and-a-half-years with the club, ending his brief time at Everton.

Since he took over last year, Massimo Ferrero – the team’s owner – spoke on a regular basis about his wish to see the club a make it all the way to the Champions League. The 33-year-old believes that this goal can be achieved, and the player’s fans don’t doubt this.

“I’ve shown that by working hard and following my dream you can do anything,” said the player, whose new side are sitting at fifth place.

“I became one of the top players in the world. So the president has every right to dream and to achieve his dream.”

The Cameroon international was wary when he was asked about what many experts and fans considered to be a decline in the top flight, but said that he wants to be more focused on seeing Sampdoria advance in the sport instead of worrying about the other problems present in Italian football – problems that many fans are well aware of.

“Several years ago I was asked the same question when I arrived at Inter,” added the player. “It was a period when a lot of big players were leaving [Italy].

“Back then we had Kaka, [Zlatan] Ibrahimovic, [Andriy] Shevchenko. Now, a lot of them have moved on but football is all about what happens on the pitch.

“I proved that by winning everything with Inter. I hope to keep Sampdoria winning, I don’t want to hear talk of a crisis.”

Eto’o’s fans know very well what a talented player he is, and how committed he is to the club. How far will his side make it? It’s too early to tell. However, the fans have plenty of confidence, and sportsbook software services believe that Sampdoria have everything they need to make it to the UEFA Champions League, and to shine once they’re there.