Gus Poyet believes that Sunderland returned to their normal form

Sunderland boss Gus PoyetSunderland boss Gus Poyet believes that the team were able to put behind them any troubles they had after they took a point in a draw with Leicester, and total betting services now believe that the team is in a very good position to bounce back after a very difficult spell.

Poyet’s side were able to keep a clean sheet for the very first time in almost two months as they gave up 14 in the last four meetings that they played, and these include their 8-0 pounding at the hands of Southampton last month – a loss that many fans are not ready to forget anytime soon .

But the manager felt very heartened by the performance made by his side before a very tough run that sees the team take on opponents that last season were able to finish in the Premier League’s top three, and the team’s fans seriously hope that they’ll prevail.

“I think we are back to normal. I needed to think about what happened three or four weeks ago and we needed to get back to basics,” said the coach.

“That day (Southampton) was a terrible day, it was something unique but it creates doubt in the players’ minds and in the next game we made two massive mistakes (against Arsenal).

“We play Chelsea, Manchester City and Liverpool next, so in two weeks’ time I’ll let you know if we can do the same. It’s a decent day.”

Adam Johnson and Steven Fletcher had quite a few opportunities for Sunderland, as both players put to the test Kasper Schmeichel, the home side’s goalkeeper, leaving many fans thinking that would lead the team to a win.

Riyad Mahrez was able to move close on two occasions for Leicester, and the Algerian player also saw that a claim for a penalty in the second half was ignored. Poyet said that Sunderland were lucky to have been given this decision, and total betting services that saw the game can fully agree with the manager.

“On another day it goes against you, today we were lucky it didn’t,” added the player.

Sunderland’s fans saw a very nice display by the team, but would still like to see them clinch a victory. Hopefully their performance on the pitch will continue to improve, and developments on their progress in the game will be closely monitored by fans all over the world.