Jovetic criticises Pellegrini for leaving him out of the Champions League squad

Stevan Jovetic, forward for Manchester CityStevan Jovetic, forward for Manchester City, criticised the decision made by Manuel Pellegrini to not include him in his squad for the Champions League. Sportsbook software services saw that the player’s fans were also questioning the manager’s decision.

City are getting ready to take on Barca on the 16th of February and on the 18th of March, and they have no choice but to work with a squad of 21 after they broke UEFA’s rules regarding financial fair play, something that worried many fans.

And during the transfer window, after the club acquired the services of Wilfried Bony – who used to play at Swansea – Pellegrini made the decision to not include Jovetic in the squad.

The 25-year-old said: “I deserve to play in the Champions League, I know that.

“The manager has killed me with this decision. I feel I deserve my place and other people have told me the same. People have told me I am a great player but it is clear that the manager does not think the same way.

“I am very disappointed, even now. I don’t think it was a good decision or the right decision.

“I know that I deserve to be on the list. I told the manager this but he did not want to listen to me. I came here to play in the Champions League.”

The player joined the ranks of City with a move from Fiorentina for £22m before the season of 2013-2014, but sportsbook software services learned that Jovetic is now concerned over his future, as he believes that he could end up somewhere else, even though he promised to make very big efforts for the remainder of the season.

“I have not made any decision about my future,” said the player. “I will wait until the summer, then we will see.

“But the manager has put other players ahead of me, so maybe this is a message about what he wants to do.

“It is difficult to be focused when something like this happens but I am a professional and I want to show that I can still play a big part this season.

“This is a bad time for me but I am working hard and I will be there for the team. When we play Barcelona, I think it will be very difficult for me.

“This year, every time I have played, I think have done well. I don’t feel I have had a chance. OK, I have had injuries but so have other players.”