Laurent Blanc doesn’t know how serious Ibrahimovic’s injury is

Laurent BlancPSG’s soccer betting fans and many pay per head agents were very concerned when they saw Laurent Blanc admit that he is unaware of how serious Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s injury was after his side beat Bastia 2-0.

On Saturday, PSG clinched their new campaign’s first league win with very good soccer odds at Parc des Princes with goals scored by Lucas Moura and Edinson Cavani.

But pay per head agents saw that Ibrahimovic, who for the past two seasons was his team’s top scorer, only lasted 16 minutes on the pitch before he was substituted. The manager seemed to be concerned, and so were many soccer betting fans.

“Initially, I thought he had taken a knock,” Blanc said. “But no, it is his rotation where he gets injured.

“He felt a sharp pain on his right side. It is a strange injury.

“I’m not a doctor and I do not know if it’s serious, but knowing Ibra, the pain had to be quite strong for him not to finish the game.”

Ibrahimovic – who soccer betting fans know is a star in the global football scene – wasn’t his side’s only player to be injured. Local bookies learned that midfielder Thiago Motta suffered what was reported to be a broken nose after Bastia striker Brandao appeared to headbutt him in the tunnel following the match.

However, soccer betting fans and pay per head agents believe that Blanc will most likely be disappointed with injuries suffered by two of his top men, as he already lost Thiago Silva’s services due to a hamstring issue. However, after their upsetting 2-2 draw at Reims, the manager appeared to be pleased with PSG’s improvements in their defense, and many fans who follow the team’s soccer odds also saw them perform better at the back.

“This match confirms what I thought of Reims, who were very good at the technical level,” Blanc said.

“But my team was not more ready today [Saturday]. The difference is that today we were very serious defensively and some attacks from Bastia have been mastered by Paris.

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“This is the big difference between the two games.”