Laurent Blanc wants to see Cavani return to top form

Edinson Cavani will find his good form again and score more frequentlyLaurent Blanc, head coach of Paris Saint-Germain, believes that Edinson Cavani will find his good form again and score more frequently. Bookmaker software services hope that he is right, and can see that many fans are backing him up.

The forward was under fire in the last few weeks, and in 10 appearances that he made for Ligue 1he was only able to score in two occasions.

Recent reports said that there were problems between Cavani and the manager, but Blanc fully supports the striker, and believes that he’ll get back his goal-scoring form.

“We have to maintain our trust in him. I am sure he will score goals, even when it seems a little complicated,” said Blanc.

“I’m sure it’s a guy who will score goals. He is in a difficult period. Let’s help him. Also help the team.

“We must also think about the team. We must allow this individual reflection for Edi and collectively for the team.”

PSG will take on Nantes at home on Wednesday when the Coupe de France’s last 16 gets underway, and the manager wants to see his side be able to deal with a very hectic schedule in the team’s bid for success.

“It’s not very difficult to have the motivation to win matches,” added the manager. “If we do not, the players need to change profession. And the coach too. What is difficult is accumulation of matches.

“The recovery is complicated. Even if we win, sometimes we do not have the means to do so. I think, as you said, PSG has a large squad, quality squad. For now, we played four competitions with happiness. We are still qualified in each.

“We will try to stay in the race until the last moment. I hope the squad will go well, there will be no injuries. I hope we will not have too many suspensions.

“Because if it is, in fact, there will be choices to do. For now, despite a busy February, a busy January, we try to play games to earn them. Whatever the team on the pitch.”

Cavani’s fans – especially those who follow PSG – are not ready to start losing faith in the player, and they believe that he’ll make a great comeback. Bookmaker software services also believe in the player, and are confident that he’ll be in very good form once again – hopefully very soon.