Mourinho believes that Chelsea can adapt to any scenario

JJose Mourinho-Chelseaose Mourinho warned Chelsea’s rivals abroad and at home, saying that his team is able to adapt to any scenario. Price per head agents see a very strong Blues side, and believe that he just might be right.

The Blues had an amazing start to their 2014-2015 campaign in the Premiere League, as they were able to win six out of seven games, being at the top of the table already by five points.

Diego Costa did a great job so far in the Premier League, as the Spain international was able to score nine times, and at Stamford Bridge he connected very well with compatriot Cesc Fabregas, who was also recently recruited.

Price per head agents saw that goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois sustained an injury to the head in the Blues’ 2-0 victory last week over Arsenal, but Mourinho used the services of Peter Cech.

“Only we can lose a keeper and not panic. We lost a keeper and the panic was just what the kid [Courtois] has [suffered],” said the coach.

“But as for the football panic and talk of ‘oh my god what is going to happen?’ — the other one [Cech] just come comes and no one in the seats feels any fear because we know the big guy is there for us too.

“Petr is so solid, so confident, so under control so we are fine. I am happy with everything. In this moment our team are able to adapt to everything.

“What the game gives us, we can cope with. We are not the kind of team that play only the same way, think the same things. We can play in a different way and adapt to different situations.”

The Portuguese manager then added: “When teams have the ball we are comfortable, when we have the chance to pass and touch the ball, we are comfortable.

“When we play in counter-attack, we are comfortable. In this moment the team are mature and confident and I’m very happy.

“People on the bench are also coming on strong, the way they are playing, the way they react. Mikel comes on and gives stability to the team. I think we’re in a good moment.”