Mourinho says that he’s pleased with his current Chelsea squad

Jose Mourinho-ChelseaChelsea manager Jose Mourinho stresses that in the transfer window, business will only be done in the case that one of his men gets a ‘phenomenal offer’, and live betting services would really like to see what offer the manager would be willing to consider.

Mohamed Salah and Andre Schurrle were both linked with making moves, but the Portuguese doesn’t want to see them go anywhere, and he included both players in the team for the FA Cup’s fourth-round clash taking place this weekend against Bradford.

“The club doesn’t move. We don’t move. Our desire is to keep the same squad,” said the manager.

“The window is open but what I can say. I like them, I need them and I trust them. We are happy with the players, we are happy with the work we did in the summer to prepare for the season, and it reflects the trust we have in the group.

“We don’t want to be involved in the transfer window. If we have to be it’s because somebody pushed us, with some offer for one of our players.

“Sometimes we have needs, like we had in the past transfer windows where we sold some players. The reality is normally nothing should happen in the next two weeks and we should go to February with the same squad.”

“The question is not to have a good offer (for the players), the question is to have a phenomenal offer and a player to be super keen of accepting the challenge because we don’t want to sell our players.”

When he spoke about Schurrle, who was linked with going to Wolfsburg, the manager said: “He’s selected for Saturday, he played against Swansea last week, wasn’t selected for Liverpool (in midweek) and he’s in for the cup.”

And Mourinho also said that the same goes for Salah, a player who’s admired by live betting services for his abilities on the pitch.

“The reality is nothing should happen in the next two weeks and we should reach February with the same squad,” he said.

“And we don’t have anyone in place should someone leave,” he added, reacting to a question that Fiorentina’s Colombia winger Juan Cuadrado has been spoken of as a potential target.

“He is a player at Fiorentina and I shouldn’t make any comments about players from other clubs. You speak about Cuadrado, you can speak about 10, 20 or 30 players and you ask me if I know them.

“If I don’t know them I am in trouble because my son knows them, so I have to know them… it’s my job to know them all.

“You can come at me with another name and I would have to say I know him… I know them all, but Cuadrado fits well in Fiorentina’s squad and Colombia’s squad, not in Chelsea’s squad.”