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Ward doesn’t want to go to the UK to face Froch

Andre Ward is not planning to go to the UK to face Carl FrochAndre Ward is not planning to go to the UK to face Carl Froch, even though ‘The Cobra’ has the mandate of the WBA, but many price per head sportsbooks believe that this fight could very well take place, regardless of the location.

Ward and Froch hold different types of super-middleweight WBA titles, as Ward has the Super World title and ‘The Cobra’ is the regular champion, as well as a big favourite with fans all over the UK.

The Nottingham fighter asked Ward to leave the US and take on him at Nottingham’s City Ground, but apparently the American does not want to leave home to face Froch.

This came behind the WBA ordering a clash between both boxers, but Ward used Twitter to refuse the call of ‘The Cobra’, saying: “Looks like Frochy Froch remembered my name all of a sudden. That’s good to know. Looks like the old man is still kicking.

“Froch could have gotten this fight years ago, but it took the WBA mandating the fight for him to step up. SMH [Shaking my head]. This guy.

“If this fight does happen, Froch is not dictating anything. He must have fell and bumped his head.”

Edu praises Alexis Sanchez, saying that the striker is ‘phenomenal’

Edu praises Alexis Sanchez, saying that the striker is ‘phenomenal’Edu, retired Brazilian footballer, was delighted with Alexis Sanchez, saying that the player is a “phenomenon” and one of the top five in the Premiere League after making a move from Barca to Arsenal. Price per head software services know that many fans who follow the striker from Chile fully agree.

In all matches, Sanchez scored for the Gunners on 18 occasions since he went to the Emirates Stadium from Camp Nou, before injuries set back his time on the pitch.

But Edu thinks that the Chilean striker found the right club to rise in the sport, something that fans everywhere believe will happen – possibly sooner than expected.

“Alexis is a phenomenon,” said the former Arsenal legend.

“At Arsenal he has found what I think he was hoping for; to be an undisputed starter and main player, something he was never able to achieve at Barcelona, despite playing well and receiving praise from the press and fans.

Sam Allardyce felt ‘shocked’ by West Ham’s loss to Crystal Palace

Sam Allardyce felt ‘shocked’ by West Ham’s loss to Crystal PalaceSam Allardyce, West Ham boss, said that he was feeling “shocked” after his side suffered a loss of 3-1 at home to Crystal Palace on Saturday, in a Premier League clash that disappointed many fans, and price per head bookies can fully understand why they felt upset.

Glenn Murray was able to score on two occasions, and one goal was netted by Scott Dan. All of these three goals came thanks to crosses by Jason Puncheon, and two of them happened to be corners, something that made the late strike by Enner Valencia not matter much.

West ham were not able to capitalise on Murray’s dismissal as they now have six games in a row without a win, something that concerns many fans, and they seriously hope to see things turn around for the squad – hopefully as soon as possible.

“I’m shocked. Our level of performance wasn’t where I expected it to be,” said Allardyce, and many of the team’s fans were also in a state of disbelief.

“It’s disappointing when we’ve built expectation levels so high at home. It’s about the basics, really. If we don’t play to our best, we’ll struggle.