Roberto Mancini believes that Icardi will become a top striker

Roberto Mancini believes that Mauro Icardi can turn into one of the top strikers in the worldRoberto Mancini believes that Mauro Icardi can turn into one of the top strikers in the world, and many fans would like to see this become a reality. Inter’s manager believes that this can happen sometime within the next ten years, and price per head wagering services who follow the player also think that he has a very good chance of turning into one of the very best in the sport.

This term, in all of the competitions, the striker from Argentina was able to score 19 goals, and seven of them came since the start of 2015.

Before Thursday’s UEFA Europa League match between Celtic and Inter, Mancini believes that there’s much more that Icardi can offer to the sport, and the player’s fans fully agree with the manager.

“He can still improve a great deal because he’s so young,” said Mancini.

“No 22-year-old knows everything about being a striker – he can definitely get better in all areas of his game.

“He can be one of the top strikers around for the next 10 years.”

The 3-3 draw that took place at Celtic Park last week gave Inter a lead as they move into the match at San Siro, in a game that the football world and fans alike can’t wait to see, and many experts believe that this clash, which is the second leg in what would be the last-32 tie, believe that it will be a match that the fans shouldn’t miss.

As Inter was given bragging rights after they won three games in a row in Serie A, the manager also rubbished comments that his team could be suffering from fatigue after a schedule that proved to be very busy, to say the least.

“When I was a player, I always preferred playing as many matches as possible,” added Mancini.

“We’ve found a tactical system that we feel comfortable with and it’s not easy to change quickly. The three wins give us that extra bit of confidence.

“They’re testament to our hard work, but the league table still isn’t right for a club like Inter. Our aim is to keep growing.”

Inter’s fans believe that then team has a real talisman in Icardi, and price per head wagering services can’t wait to see the player develop even more. With talent like this, the sport should become even more exciting in the following years, and his progress in the game will be very closely followed.