Sergio Aguero to miss four to six weeks of action due to injury

Sergio Aguero out for four to six weeksSergio Aguero, striker for Manchester City, will not be able to hit the pitch for up to six weeks due to injury, but there’s a chance that David Silva and Vincent Kompany will return to action for the game against Roma at the Stadio Olimpico, and online bookmakers know that many fans are seriously hoping to see these players feature in this clash.

Aguero, who this season was able to score 19 times in 20 UEFA Champions League and Premier League matches, was limping off the pitch in City’s game against Everton, where the Manchester side won 1-0, to the delight of fans around the world.

The striker from Argentina suffered from strained ligaments in his knee, and his fans were very worried, wondering about how serious his injury was.

Manuel Pellegrini, City manager, mentioned how long it could take for the player to recover, and the fans were listening.

“He is injured,” said the manager. “He will not be playing.”

“He will be out for four to six weeks. His recovery will depend. But our team does not depend on one player.”

Pellegrini, who said that Edin Dzeko will be the one to take the leading role for City when his side takes on Roma, also said that Silva and Kompany – who were out due to injury – could return to action, something that could give the team a very nice boost.

The defender from Belgium was not able to play in the last two meetings due to a problem with his hamstring, while the Spanish player didn’t feature since October due to an injury to the knee.

“They are here,” he said. “They will be assessed tomorrow.”

Following a very impressive comeback late in the game, they were able to clinch a 3-2 win when they took on Bayern Munich at home last time around, and this result gave City the opportunity to move on from Group E. The manager is very optimistic that his side will get the job done, and so are the team’s fans.

“It is an important game,” he said. “We have a good squad. We have made mistakes in the other games but we are fighting to qualify.

“If we can [beat] Bayern Munich, we can do it again tomorrow.”

The football world and online bookmakers can’t wait to see how City will do in this meeting with Roma, and believe that they’re in for quite a show when both sides face each other.