Sergio Aguero wants to see Bony settle in with Manchester City

Sergio Aguero-Manchester CitySergio Aguero and many fans believe that Wilfried Bony, Manchester City’s new addition and very well-known with sportsbook software services for his skills on the pitch, won’t have any trouble getting used to life with the club.

Striker Sergio Aguero also wants to see Bony settle in at City.

Earlier during the month, Bony left Swansea City and signed with City for what was reported to be £28million.

There were some people questioning how the Ivory Coast international – who is now playing in the Arica Cup of Nations – will settle with a frontline that includes players such as Stevan Jovetic, Edin Dzeko, and Aguero, but the Argentinian player believes that Bony shouldn’t have much trouble fitting in.

“Obviously we are happy,” said the player. “Every time the club signs players like Bony, as it has been signing in recent years, the team and the club have always improved.

“We expect that he can adapt well to the team – that is the most important thing. I think he won’t have many issues adapting here because he has been playing in English football.

“But the team is always grateful for the arrival of new players. The most important thing is that he gels with the team.”

And the team’s fans are also fully aware that he has to blend in, but believe that he should have no problems doing so.

On Sunday, Aguero went back to City for the 2-0 loss to Arsenal at home after being out for a month due to an injury to the knee. The player hopes to be fit again soon enough, and fans all over the world can’t wait to see him return to action in full form.

“Obviously the matches are going to be very helpful to recover from the injury,” he added. “If I am chosen to play it’s great for me because I need minutes to get into rhythm.

“Matches are always important, in my case they will help me physically and we hope the knee can work well. That is obviously recovering slowly, and it needs more games, but slowly.

“The decision is for the manager to take.”

On Wednesday, City will hit the pitch in a friendly meeting with Hamburg, before the weekend, when they take on Middlesbrough at home in the fourth round of the FA Cup, in a game that sportsbook software services are eagerly anticipating.