Sergio Ramos not in a hurry to talk about a new contract

Sergio Ramos-Real MadridSpanish defender Sergio Ramos is not stressed at all about the current situation that he has at Real Madrid, and says that he’s in no hurry to start talking about a new deal, but pay per head bookmaking companies are still wondering about what the future has in store for him.

There have been reports hinting that talks of a new contract at the club for the player came to a standstill, something that left the club’s fans concerned, as they know what a great asset he is to the squad.

However, the 28-year old said that this isn’t what’s happening, and he’s in not in a rush to engage in talks because he still has two years left in the deal that he currently has with the club.

“It is something that does not worry me at all,” said the player.

“I have two years on my contract. We have had appointments to speak, but there is no hurry.”

He also said that he has no problems Florentino Perez, the club’s president , even though many fans and experts saw that there were plenty of rumours about the centre-back having trouble with him before.

“Thanks to him [Perez] I fulfilled a dream of playing for the best club in the world and I will be eternally grateful,” he said.

“Our relationship is very close and we talk often.”

Ramos also spoke about what was a great year for him and the team, as on Saturday, Real won the Club World Cup, with the club already having lifted trophies for the Copa del Rey and UEFA Champions League, to the delight of fans all over the world.

And Ramos, who was the one to win the Golden Ball award for best player during the Club World after he was able to score Real’s opening goal in a 2-0 beating of San Lorenzo, thinks that 2014 will be considered by the football world to be the best year that spent in his career, and many fans don’t doubt this.

“It has been the most important year of my life both professionally and personally,” said Ramos. “I have become a father and we have also won four titles.”

Ramos’ fans everywhere and pay per head bookmaking companies know very well how much Ramos was able to advance in the sport, and are confident that his game will continue to improve as he helps Real clinch many more trophies.