Soccer Bet: Galliani to meet with Allegri

Celtic Glasgow Milan Champions League 2004 2005Adriano Galliani, Milan chief executive, will have a meeting with Massimiliano Allegri to discuss the future of the coach, and many fans that enjoy making a soccer bet would like to see what the outcome of these discussions will be.

Milan’s soccer betting fans were very happy to see that the club was able to ensure their place in the UEFA Champions League next season when they came from behind on Sunday to defeat Siena.

In the last 10 minutes, fans that follow Milan and enjoy making a soccer bet were delighted when they saw Mario Balotelli and Philippe Mexes both score to secure a 2-1 win, while Fiorentina missed out despite having defeated Pescara 5-1.

Allegri’s future remained doubtful despite confirming their place in Europe’s premier club competition after what soccer betting fans could clearly see was a terrible start to the season.

And even though Galliani is feeling pleased after being able to claim third place, he wants to meet with the coach so they can talk about the future, and fans everywhere that follow the club and like to make a soccer bet can’t wait to see what will happen after this meeting.

“I will speak to Allegri on Wednesday,” the 68-year-old told Tuttosport.

“I feel so cheerful, on Wednesday I will understand what he (Allegri) wants to do. Along with the president, we will make a decision in the light of what he thinks.

“There is a vast difference between the Champions and Europa League. It’s like a team that goes from Serie A to B. For that reason there is a lot of tension between third and fourth place.”

In the meantime, fans that enjoy making a soccer bet learned that the midfielder Riccardo Montolivo does not want the manager to leave San Siro.

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“I hope Allegri can stay because I think he deserves it, since he led us to this great comeback, but then other factors I can’t manage suddenly meddle in.”