Soccer Bet: Gervinho believes that it was wrong for Wenger to play him as winger

Arsene WengerGervinho, Roma forward, believes that the decision by Arsene Wenger to put him on the wing prevented him from being successful with the Gunners, and many fans that enjoy making a soccer bet are sure that things would have been much different if he would have been given another role.

Soccer betting fans and pay per head services saw that last month, the Ivorian left Arsenal to join Roma after he only scored 11 goals in 63 appearances, in what proved to be an upsetting spell in the Premier League.

Gervinho – who is a big favourite with many fans that enjoy making a soccer bet, and who joined Arsenal from Lille in 2011- hopes to revive his career with Roma, but was quick to point out that he could have done a better job for Wenger if the manager would have made him a central striker.

“I was not getting much time on the pitch and was in need of this time to improve and play my best football,” Gervinho told The Sun.

“Wenger was not prepared to give it to me.

And many fans that enjoy making a soccer bet wonder why the manager gave him that role, and believe that things could have changed for the better if he had another position.

“Also my position on the wing was not what I was expecting and I wasn’t happy with it.”

Soccer betting fans saw the 26-year-old player link up with the Gunners after impressing with his displays on the pitch for Lille, with whom he clinched the Ligue 1 title and the Coupe de France in 2010-11, and pay per head services remember very well what a great job he did then.

Gervinho believes that he would have been able to produce a similar form for Arsenal if Wenger had more faith in his abilities as a player.

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“It would have helped had he (Wenger) shown more confidence in me,” he added.

Price per head services and Gervinho’s fans, especially those that enjoy making a soccer bet, will see how the player continues to perform, and believe that perhaps things would have been better if he had another role in Wenger’s side.