Soccer Bet: Suarez would consider moving to another club

indexLuis Suarez, Liverpool forward, would consider moving to another club if this would help his career, and many fans that follow the player and enjoy making a soccer bet believe that making a move is the best thing that the player can do.

Soccer betting fans learned that during the transfer window the 26-year-old was linked with Real Madrid and Arsenal.

On Friday, Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers said that he was in “constant communication” with the Uruguay international. He also said that the Anfield outfit are not willing to sell him, and fans everywhere that enjoy making a soccer bet would like to see what awaits the player.

But Suarez said that the club’s failure last season to qualify for the UEFA Champions League was a big disappointment, and may force him to consider his future in the game.

“Liverpool is in my heart and nobody can doubt that,” Suarez is quoted as saying by The Sun.

“(But) if I receive an important offer to progress my career, I will study it. Some clubs have asked about me but I hand questions over to my agent. I am no stranger to rumours.

And fans that enjoy making a soccer bet also know very well that the player is no stranger to gossip.

“It is hard to view the Premier League every week with never a chance of winning it.”

Soccer betting fans saw that during his time at Liverpool, the striker was involved in several controversies, which include receiving a 10-match suspension for biting Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic, as well as a ban of eight games for alleged racial abuse towards Manchester United full-back Patrice Evra.

Suarez said that those incidents hurt his reputation in England, but did not cause trouble with the Liverpool fans or his manager, and many fans that enjoy making a soccer bet know that he still has plenty of support.

“After the Evra incident, it was very difficult to convince people about the ‘real’ Luis Suarez. Things had improved but then the incident involving Ivanovic was another blow,” he added.

“I consider my punishment over Ivanovic to be excessive but I accept the decision. It’s damaged my career.

“I don’t look for controversy but my opponents are always provoking me. This is my challenge – to avoid responding.

“I have no problems with Brendan Rodgers.

Do you have players? We can handle them for you.

“After those incidents, I received many messages of encouragement. The Liverpool supporters have been the best part of my time in England.”