Soccer Bet: Taylor “really happy” to see Kinnear return to Newcastle

indexNewcastle United defender Steven Taylor and many fans that enjoy making a soccer bet are “really happy” to see Joe Kinnear return to the club as a director of football.

Soccer betting fans saw that for a large part of the 2008-09 campaign, Kinnear had the role of manager at the club before suffering a heart attack, and that season the St James’ Park outfit ended up being relegated from the Premier League.

On Tuesday, the former Wimbledon boss was confirmed in his new role, but was highly criticised after he did not correctly pronounce the names of several players and insulted Newcastle fans in the midst of a very strange radio interview that took place on Monday, and fans that follow the club and enjoy making a soccer bet found this to be very bizarre.

However, Taylor revealed that he enjoyed playing under Kinnear, and he believes that his arrival will be a very good boost for Newcastle. Many of the club’s fans that like to make a soccer bet fully agree with the player, and know how beneficial his appointment can be for Newcastle.

“I am really happy to see Joe back at the club and I think his return can only be positive for everyone connected to the club,” the 27-year-old told Sky Sports.

And many soccer betting fans are also very pleased to see him return to the club.

“Joe was great for me when he was manager and I really enjoyed playing for him.

“We were in a great position under Joe in the league until he got ill and it was after that that things went wrong.

“Joe wears his heart on his sleeve and he tells it as it is and I think he is someone that Newcastle exactly need.

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“Joe has lots of experience and he is very knowledgeable and I for one am really excited to see him back at Newcastle.”

Newcastle’s fans, especially those that enjoy making a soccer bet, know just how experienced Kinnear is, and are confident that he’ll be of great help to the club.