Soccer Bet: Tebbas reveals that there is evidence of Levante match-fixing

Javier Tebbas, president of Spanish football’s governing body, revealed that there is evidence suggesting that Levante players have fixed matches, and many fans that enjoy making a soccer bet were very shocked to learn about this.

Soccer betting fans fear that there could very big problems in the sport, as last week it emerged that the LFP were investigating claims of match-fixing in April, when Juan Ignacio Martinez’s side lost 4-0 to Deportivo La Coruna after midfielder Javi Barkero said that during a half-time dispute many of his team-mates were not trying.

Fans that enjoy making a soccer bet learned that Barkero retracted the accusation, but Tebbas is certain that there is sufficient proof of wrongdoing for legal action against the club to be taken.

“There is considerable evidence that we hope will result in a trial. The biggest hint is that a player himself has accused his peers and repeatedly so, that’s very important. The value of a trial would be to consider others.

“That Barkero later retracted his accusation does not mean anything.”

Tebbas and now many fans that like to make a soccer bet believe that in Spanish football, match-fixing is a widespread problem, and the president feels the need to act for the health of several clubs and football in general.

“It’s a very sensitive issue. It is not only me that wants to end this (match fixing), as many clubs are suffering, trying to make the best of things and ending up in trouble at the end of the season unfairly,” he added.

But soccer betting fans learned that while Tebbas is eager to make sure that the Levante players who are involved receive punishment for their accusations, he insisted that Deportivo aren’t being scrutinised as part of the investigation taking place.

“Depor? No-one has accused them of anything. I am speaking not only of fraud but also on the subject of betting,” he explained.

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“It needs to be realised that in any case of corruption the details will not be published with a megaphone. The only thing that has been released has been the accusation against the players from the same team.”

Fans all over the world that enjoy making a soccer bet know how serious match-fixing in the sport can be, and hope that action is taken as soon as possible to deal with the problem.