Soccer Bet: Xavi believes that Barca found renewed intensity under Martino

Gerardo MartinoXavi and many fans that enjoy making a soccer bet believe that Barca found a renewed intensity since new manager Gerardo Martino took over at Camp Nou.

Soccer betting fans saw that the Argentinian coach was appointed to Barcelona in July, after Tito Vilanova resigned from the post due to his ongoing fight with cancer.

Xavi, Spain international and a huge favourite with price per head services and fans everywhere that enjoy making a soccer bet, believes that the squad are adapting very well to Martino’s chosen style of play – with the new coach offering a direct assessment on what he expects from his men.

Having that in mind, Xavi and many pay per head sportsbooks following the club believe that the new manager in charge will be very successful as the Catalan Giants look forward to defending their title this season, and their fans – especially those that enjoy making a soccer bet – don’t have a doubt in their minds that they’ll make it.

“He is a leader, capable, prepared and has experience,” Xavi told Sport
“He is transmitting a lot to us. We are recovering a little of the intensity and rhythm that perhaps we lost for various reasons towards the end of last season. We are pressing very well and working well physically.

“He is adding things that he is influencing a lot. For example, on set-pieces we are working differently. We are adjusting and he is a guy that is very clear about what he wants.”

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Pay per head sportsbooks know that Barca will begin their Liga title defence when they welcome Levante to Camp Nou, and fans everywhere that follow the club and enjoy making a soccer bet can’t wait to see the team make a great performance.

Soccer betting fans and pay per head sportsbooks all over the world can see that the club is getting along very well with the manager, and wonder far he’ll take them in the sport.