Soccer Betting: Gerrard’s fitness does not worry Rodgers

Brendan RodgersBrendan Rodgers and soccer betting fans want to see the Reds and England captain Steven Gerrard fit to lead his country in the friendly games against Chile and Germany.

Pay per head sportsbooks and soccer betting fans saw that On Saturday, Joe Allen took Gerrard’s place in the middle of the second half of Liverpool’s 4-0 Premier League victory over Fulham, having laid on three of the goals made with very good soccer odds.

After the match, the manager revealed that the 33-year-old who makes great soccer odds was taking care of a hip problem, but he insisted the decision to withdraw the player was largely due to precautionary measures, and price per head services believe that he made a good decision.

“He’s obviously had a wee issue with his hip but it’s something that I’ve got with him – where I can rest him in games I will do,” Rodgers said.

“I thought we should have enough control over the game in order to do that.

“He’s a more-than-seasoned professional at the top level, so where he can get those little breathers, I think it’s important for him.

And soccer betting fans also know how important this is for the player.

“We haven’t spoken to the medical guys yet but he should be fine.”

Pay per head sportsbooks were impressed to see that the Reds’ first two goals came thanks to excellent set-piece deliveries by Gerrard, and the team’s soccer betting fans were very delighted to see this.

“After I’d been in here and assessed and looked at Steven, I felt that his delivery is as good as it gets,” Rodgers added.

“There’s no one who delivers a ball like Steven Gerrard and I felt that the other players were not utilising the quality that we have in the team in his delivery.

“I’ve just asked them to be much more aggressive when they go and attack the ball and try and win the battle with your defender – get across him, use your arms – because he delivers it exactly every single week. I ask him where to put the ball and he puts it there.

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“You’ve seen in the two goals, the free-kick and the corner, incredible quality on his delivery.”