Soccer Betting: Mazzarri criticises referees in Parma match

Walter MazzarriInter coach Walter Mazzarri and many soccer betting fans criticised Serie A referees, as they saw that his side were denied what he believed was “a clear penalty” against visiting Parma.

Price per head sportsbooks and soccer betting fans know that Since 1999, Parma did not win at San Siro against Inter, but on Sunday they claimed a draw of 3-3.

Pay per head services saw that Inter’s Rodrigo Palacio and Parma’s Nicola Sansone scored two goals each in a very exciting match, but when Ricky Alvarez was brought down by Alessandro Lucarelli, Mazzarri and many fans that bet soccer felt that his side should have been awarded a spot-kick.

“I saw it from the touchline and it seemed like a clear penalty,” he said. “I’ve seen much softer fouls than that given this season.

“These things don’t usually get given to us, so what can we do? One day an official might give us a spot-kick by accident.”

Price per head sportsbooks saw that the Inter coach also suggested that his players were under pressure and struggling against Parma, and believed that Parma deserved to take something from the match, and many soccer betting fans agree.

He added: “I believe many of these players were unaccustomed to being first choice for Inter and they have started to feel the responsibility of that. We had a terrible start and after the blow (of Parma’s first goal) took 10-15 minutes to wake up.

“We must reflect on how we deal with the various moments of a match, as we often go too deep when taking the lead and drop points by the wayside.

“We dropped two points against Sampdoria, while tonight it was a balanced encounter and anything could’ve happened.

And many fans that saw the match and bet soccer also saw a very balanced game.

“We could easily have lost. At times not losing is important when you are trying to help a young and inexperienced team to grow. We deserved more in other games, but probably not in this one.

“When we started this season, we had to shake off the past and with a good start people started to expect certain things from this team. That is where the problem started, as the players are unaccustomed to having the pressure of being expected to win every time.

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Soccer betting fans saw a very interesting match, and would like to see how both sides continue to perform in future matches.