Soccer Betting: Pulis said that United were unlucky

Tony PulisCrystal Palace manager Tony Pulis and many soccer betting fans believe that this season, Manchester United’s poor run of form in the Premier League was due to bad luck.

Pay per head sportsbooks know that on Saturday, United will travel to Selhurst Park in their bid for their first win in four league matches, while Palace were able to win three of their last four, and soccer betting fans can’t wait to see what will happen this time around.

However, Pulis, pay per head sportsbooks, and many fans that bet soccer believe that Old Trafford counterpart David Moyes will be the one to eventually lead the champions out of their current situation.

“They’ve got some outstanding players and I’ve watched the last three games on tapes and they could have won the games comfortably,” he said.

“Last year – with Sir Alex (Ferguson) – they did have breaks. They never played as well as they did the previous year but they had the breaks and they won the games.

Soccer betting fans and price per head services can also see a big difference.

“Unfortunately – with Dave – they haven’t had the breaks, so they’ve not been able to pick up momentum.

“In time, David will turn it the way he wants it. The people behind the scenes will give David that time.

“Irrespective of what the press and the media will say, he couldn’t be at a better club with better people.

“They’ve been there before, albeit 25-30 years ago, but they were in this position before.”

The Welsh boss said that it was a setback to have their last match at Everton called off during a good run of form, but soccer betting fans and pay per head sportsbooks saw that he praised the Goodison Park outfit for the way they treated the travelling party.

“It’s disappointing because were on such a good run,” Pulis added. “You want to keep playing when things are going well for you.

“Everton Football Club were absolutely fantastic. When the game was called off, they fed the players, they found us a hotel to stay in, they got us training facilities the next day and they paid for everything. They actually paid for everything.

“I just hope the chairman’s already paid back what we owe them.

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“As a football club, they deserve a lot of credit for the way they looked after us.”

Pay per head sportsbooks and many fans can’t wait to see how these teams continue to perform, and will closely monitor their progress.