Sport Software: Cleverly wants to face Froch or Kessler at light-heavyweight

imagesNathan Cleverly offered Mikkel Kessler or Carl Froch a go at his world title at light-heavyweight, and sport software services are pretty sure that that the action will prove to be very intense if he takes on any of these two fighters, and can’t wait to see what will happen.

Cleverly, who for two years was the WBO champion, and is a big favourite with sport software services, said that he is waiting if either of the boxers will move up after their super-middleweight fight taking place on May 25.

The Welshman is still waiting to have a unification fight against any of the other three title holders and is looking to face the likes of Tavoris Cloud, WBC champion Chad Dawson, or IBF champion Bernard Hopkins.

And sport software services know that with both Kessler and Froch having been convincingly defeated by Andre Ward, world number one super-middleweight, they have already been offered their next test.

“Whoever loses can always move up to light-heavyweight,” Cleverly told

“If they want to move up and challenge me, there’s an opportunity waiting for them!”

Sport software services can see that the boxer is very eager to take on either one of the two, and wonder who will win this upcoming bout.

Cleverly and casino software services believe that the clash on May 25 will be a close one, but the Welshman is going for Froch.

“He does have great momentum since their first fight and I think he goes into the second one as a slight favourite,” he said.

“I think the home crowd will be the difference though. They will get behind him and when the going gets tough in the later rounds, I believe that in itself will give Froch the advantage.

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“I predict Froch is a close winner on points.”

Sport software services are very eager to see who will take on who, and believe that whatever happens, the action in the ring could prove to be very intense, so be on the lookout.