Thierry Henry praises Cazorla’s performance against Manchester City

Thierry HenryArsenal had a great performance against Manchester City, and live betting services could see that their fans were delighted.

On Sunday, a goal was scored by midfielder Santi Cazorla in the first half before Olivier Giroud was set up for the second one, as Arsenal turned into the very first team to defeat City since 2010 at their stadium by two goals or more.

The former striker was not able to hide his feelings for his former club’s improved display.

“What I’m happy about is that they played well as a unit,” said Henry, Arsenal great.

“It wasn’t so much about the ball, it wasn’t so much about skills. But you can also play well in the way they played. They were playing as a team. There wasn’t anything for Man City today, and you sensed that right from the start.

“People want to see commitment, desire and togetherness, and today all three was there. As long as you show that to the fans, they are happy. Before, they were allowing teams to run all over them. That wasn’t the case today.”

Cazorla did a fantastic job as the Gunners clinched their first victory on the road when they took on one of the top four teams last season for the first time since a hat trick made by Robin van Persie that sealed a win of 5-3 in October of 2011 against Chelsea.

Live betting services saw that Henry was very happy for Cazorla, who is believed to be the one who started the Gunners’ comeback.

“He controlled that midfield. To come and play the way he did here at the Etihad Stadium was outstanding,” added Henry.

“What a player. I said before the game that people were focusing on Sanchez but at the moment, Cazorla is the guy that makes the team tick. Sanchez didn’t have a great game today, but they won 2-0.

“When was the last time you saw a Man City team not have a single chance to score? I know they had a couple of shots but they weren’t great opportunities.

“He’s always smiling. I also like the fact he was trying to calm people down when Arsenal were under pressure.

“It’s very important for him to be in the middle. It’s a different story when you have to play out wide. I don’t think he has the body or the leg work to be out there.

“Once you’re in the middle and you’re not far from everybody in terms of pressure, he can do that all day.”