Ward doesn’t want to go to the UK to face Froch

Andre Ward is not planning to go to the UK to face Carl FrochAndre Ward is not planning to go to the UK to face Carl Froch, even though ‘The Cobra’ has the mandate of the WBA, but many price per head sportsbooks believe that this fight could very well take place, regardless of the location.

Ward and Froch hold different types of super-middleweight WBA titles, as Ward has the Super World title and ‘The Cobra’ is the regular champion, as well as a big favourite with fans all over the UK.

The Nottingham fighter asked Ward to leave the US and take on him at Nottingham’s City Ground, but apparently the American does not want to leave home to face Froch.

This came behind the WBA ordering a clash between both boxers, but Ward used Twitter to refuse the call of ‘The Cobra’, saying: “Looks like Frochy Froch remembered my name all of a sudden. That’s good to know. Looks like the old man is still kicking.

“Froch could have gotten this fight years ago, but it took the WBA mandating the fight for him to step up. SMH [Shaking my head]. This guy.

“If this fight does happen, Froch is not dictating anything. He must have fell and bumped his head.”

Ward only fought on two occassions since beating Froch in a clash in Atlantic City, when he was able to secure a unanimous points win, clinching his 25th victory in his career out his 27. The fighter’s last meeting took place in November of 2013 when he faced Edwin Rodriguez.

Both fighters have have been given time until the beginning of April for them to agree on a clash prior to the offering of purse bids

Earlier during the week, Froch said “I fought him in the US. Now it’s only right that he comes over here. To be a truly great champion you have to box overseas.

And many fans wonder if Ward will change his mind and fly over to the UK to take on Froch, if not for himself, then perhaps for the fans.

“Ward needs to be forced to travel out of his comfort zone.

“I dare him. He will discover that I’m a very different animal here than I was that night on the Boardwalk.”

Boxing fans following both fighters and price per head sportsbooks would like to see this fight get underway, and it doesn’t where it takes place, as long as they meet each other in the ring.