Wenger delighted with Welbeck in his debut for Arsenal

Arsene WengerArsene Wenger said that Danny Welbeck’s debut for the Gunners gave him a very interesting look at the future. Pay per head agents were very impressed with the player’s performance when the team took on Manchester United, and also believe that they see a star on the rise.

On Saturday, Welbeck, who joined the ranks of the Gunners from Manchester United on deadline-day, did not waste much time at all in impressing fans and pay per head agents during his first away trip for Arsenal, as he made a fantastic display in Arsenal’s 2-2 draw against Manchester City

Welbeck’s career with the Gunners almost started brilliantly when the striker chipped Joe Hart, City goalkeeper, with less than 15 minutes on the pitch, only to see his shot reflected off the goalpost at the Emirates Stadium.

The Frenchman was delighted with the promise that the player showed on the pitch, but a cramp forced the player to leave the game after 88 minutes, to the concern of many fans.

“He did well,” said Wenger.

“I believe that he needs to develop his link play with our players but that is a bit normal.

“It’s sad that he couldn’t take his chance but overall every time he had an opportunity to find some space he looked dangerous.

“There are some things to work on with him to integrate him well into our game but I’m happy with his first game.”

Pay per head agents saw that Jack Wilshere’s season opened with a fine goal in his bid put behind him the injury problems that were getting in his way in 2013-2014.

The manager said: “It looks like [the City game] was the first time he found it on a consistent level through the 90 minutes.

“He’s coming back physically to his level where he can be.

“Unfortunately, it takes time to find that fraction of a second where you feel you can make a difference and it’s so important in the modern game to get away from people when you win the ball.”