Zamparini says that Dybala will almost certainly be sold during the summer

Maurizio Zamparini, Palermo presidentMaurizio Zamparini, Palermo president, said that this summer he’ll sell Paulo Dybala to the top bidder. Bookmaker software services can’t wait to see which team will get the 21-year-old, and they can’t wait to find out.

Dybala, 21-years-old and a player who many fans consider to be a rising star in the sport, got the attention of some of the top clubs in Europe, which include the likes of PSG, Juventus, and Chelsea, after he was able to score this season 11 goals in 17 games, impressing fans around the world with his abilities on the pitch.

Also, Zamparini said that this year the forward from Argentina will be for sold to the highest bidder after he didn’t take an extension to his deal to continue playing at Palermo past next year in the summer.

It has also been reported that Manchester United have interest in making a move for the player.

“I will sell him, I am almost certain of this,” said Zamparini.

“(Juventus general director Giuseppe) Marotta told me that they are very interested in the player.

“They (Juve) are ready to negotiate. I have warned Marotta already that I’ve had so many offers for Dybala from half of the teams in Europe. Chelsea, PSG and other English and Spanish clubs.”

Dybala is the most important scorer that Palermo currently has, with 11 goals scored in the league.

The South American player was recently offered an extension to his contract for three years, with his payments raised to 9 million euros for each season played, but he didn’t agree with the offer made, something that left bookmaker software services and many fans wondering.

“We had an agreement with Dybala for 9million (euros a year) but the next day everything changed,” said Zamparini.

“I was told that Dybala would no longer sign and that he now wanted up to 15million (euros) in wages. No way!”

Zamparini thinks that Dybala, who in 2012 made a move to Palermo from Instituto, his club at home, is not being given good advice by his associates, something that many fans can agree with.

“This is the fault of those that surround him,” said Zamparini, and many people believe that he might have a point. “They have made him lose all sense of reality.

“I had treated him like a son having spent 12million euros to acquire him. I will not speak to Dybala again. I will appoint a company to negotiate Dybala’s sale.”