Nadal to return to action for the exhibition tournament in Abu Dhabi

Rafael NadalRafael Nadal said that he will be back in action in January for the exhibition tournament taking place in Abu Dhabi, after the player’s appendix was removed, and sportsbook software services can’t wait to see how the Spaniard performs in his return to the court.

Nadal, 28-years-old, received an operation to have his appendix removed in the first week of the month. This decision meant that he wasn’t able to feature in the ATP World Tour Finals, and his season ended early, as it was riddled with illness as well as injury.

Nadal, who has 14 Grand Slam titles to his name, had back pain for a large part of a season that ended early for him.The player suffered an injury to the wrist and after Wimbledon took place, and ended up on the sidelines.

In June, his victory at the French Open, which proves to be the ninth time that he was able to win the tournament in Paris, is a very unusual highlight this year for the player.

This will prove to be the sixth time that Nadal will compete in the exhibition tournament taking place in Abu Dhabi. The Spaniard was able to win the competition in 2009 as well as in 2011, impressing many fans along the way.

The player said: “I will play in Abu Dhabi in January, and after that I will play my first official tournament in Doha.

“I am not practicing yet, but I am happy with how the operation went and I have no problems.

“It was not an easy year, especially in the second half it was hard, but that’s part of my life, that’s part of my career, and I accept that.

“What happened with my wrist and then appendix, it was problem and then problems again.

“I am doing all the right things but I have worked my body pretty hard for a lot of years so these kind of things can happen.

“But I am confident I will have the chance to be back and be competitive with all the things I want to compete in.”

The exhibition tournament getting underway in Abu Dhabi is set to take place between the 1st and 3rd of January.

The ATP tournament will get underway the week after in Doha, Qatar.

Sportsbook software services anticipate a great performance by Nadal, are hope to see the player return to his best form in Abu Dhabi.