Brian Rose is confident that he can handle the pressure

Brian Rose is confident that he can handle the pressureBrian Rose said that the fight against Carson Jones will prove to be his career’s most important one in his efforts to get back in top form after the world title loss that he suffered in 2014, and online bookmaking agents anticipate a very intense clash between these fighters.

In June, Rose got the opportunity to take on Demetrius Andrade – WBO champion – but in New York, his hopes to clinch a title were broken by a stoppage.

The light-middleweight from Blackpool still thinks that can take on the best in his division, but first he has to prove himself when he takes on Jones on the 14th of February.

This bout is getting underway in the fighter’s hometown at the Winter Gardens – in the Prizefighter bill.

“I think it’s the biggest fight of my career,” he said. “I think I’ve had tougher fights in the past, but I’ve got to look at this as the biggest fight of my career, because it’s the toughest test since the Andrade fight and I think people are looking at me to see how I’m going to react to that.

“I got a first-round stoppage as a warm-up to this so can’t really count that, so this is my first proper test.

“It’s not just about winning, I want to look good as well. I want to do a good job on Carson Jones. I want to beat Jones in good style and go on and fight for a world title this year.”

In the UK, Jones became very famous after the two clashes that he had against Kell Brook, as the Sheffield fighter had a very difficult time in his first win on points before the rematch, when he was able to stop the American.

Rose was at ringside watching the second clash, and he believes that he will beat him again.

“The first fight, Carson Jones probably boxed to his best ability and Kell Brook had an off night,” said the fighter. “The second time, it evened out and Kell Brook was fit and ready, and beat him convincingly.

“The second fight is more to go on than the first because I don’t think we saw the real Kell Brook the first time.

“I’ve seen quite a lot of Carson Jones. He’s tough, durable and comes forward. He’s really strong, but I’ve fought those kind of fighters before and they suit me. I believe his style is made for me.

“I’m going to stick to my boxing on the night, do what I do best, and if a stoppage comes, fine. If not, it will be a convincing win on points.”

The American downplayed the abilities that Rose has in the ring, saying that he’s “pretty basic”, however, online bookmaking agents know that Rose is keen to impress and show that he’s superior.

“He can say what he wants about me. I’m not going to bad mouth him,” said Rose.

“I am very good at the basics, but that’s what gets me through the fights. I’m not just good at the basics. I’m very good at the basics.

“I’ve got one of the best jabs in Britain, if not the best. You’ll see on the night who is basic out of us both.

“To me, he’s basic because he comes forward, throws a lot of shots and is tough and durable. Technically, I’m better than him.”