Billi Godoy gets ready to square off with Ryder

Billi Godoy-BoxingOn Saturday night, Billi Godoy is ready to use his knowledge attained after taking out an ex-world champion when he goes head-to-head with John Ryder, in a fight that live betting services believe should be something to remember.

Godoy will stand in front of Ryder in his bid to try and clinch a major shot for a world title, and both middleweights are getting ready to meet this weekend at the O2 Arena in London.

Among the 28-year-old’s 31 beaten opponents are Carlos Baldomir – former champion at welterweight and an opponent to Floyd Mayweather, and then Jorge Sebastian Heiland – who put a stop to Matthew Macklin – is also included in the fighter’s record.

The Argentinian fighter was defeated on three occasions since his win over Baldomir in 2012, but sees this upcoming fight as a way to get back on top.

“I am in good shape for this fight because I’ve had some good wins,” said the fighter. “I had a high ranking when I beat Carlos Baldomir and Heiland. I have belief that if I win on Saturday I’ll be up there in the rankings again.

“I was already training for a fight in Argentina but they called me to fight over in England for a title (Ryder’s WBO inter-continental belt), which interested me. So we accepted the fight. I know John is a southpaw, he has good technique and he’s a good boxer so I’ll have to be very intelligent in the way that I fight him.

“Fights are fights. I always respect my rivals. I have my experience and a lot of confidence. I’m sure it’s going to be a great fight, I’m going to win as I always do.

“It was a very strange sensation being in the ring with Baldomir who was like an idol to me. He’s fought the likes of Floyd Mayweather, Arturo Gatti and Zab Judah so I never thought I’d be facing him in the ring in my life! Anyway, I had to fight him, he was my rival and I had to treat him as such.”

The fight between Ryder and Godoy will be a second billing for the night’s main show: Kevin Mitchell facing Daniel Estrada in an eliminator of the WBC lightweight title. Live betting services also believe that this clash is not to be missed, and anticipate plenty of action in the ring when these fighters square off.