Luis Enrique won’t change approach with Barca

Luis Enrique, Barca coachLuis Enrique, Barca coach, said that a change of tactic for the team has not been made after they were beaten by Real Sociedad. Sportsbooks software services believe that if the coach doesn’t want to change things it must be for a very good reason, but know that the team’s fans seriously hope that his tested methods continue to work.

The manager said that no “magic recipe” exists for his side’s current great form after they suffered a loss last month to David Moyes’ side.

On Sunday night, Barca were able to stretch their successful run to nine meetings in all competitions when they beat Athletic Bilbao 5-2 in La Liga.

In that successful series of wins, the Catalan giants were able to score 34 goals, and Luis Enrique said that he didn’t decide to change his tactics when the team suffered a setback after their defeat by Real Sociedad. Many fans also believe that the best thing that the manger can do is keep his same approach, but maybe making some subtle changes could be beneficial.

The Barca coach said: “There has not been any change. It is something you made up. It’s brilliant for journalism. There isn’t any change after San Sebastian (when Barcelona lost 1-0). We have the same idea.

“Barcelona is the same team since the first week and it will be the same until 38th week. Circumstances are different in each game and we have a rival in front of us.

“Players are not machines. Sometimes they are in a top level, others they are not. We all make mistakes, me first. I know you like a lot to ask “What happened? What did it change?”, but there is not a magic recipe which changed this.

“Barcelona is the same through the season. We would` like to be always in a high level but that’s impossible.”

The win on Sunday against Bilbao -one that was seen by fans around the world – made sure that now Barca are just a point behind Real, who were at the end of Saturday’s 4-0 pounding by Atletico Madrid, city rivals, in a game that left sportsbook software services in a state of disbelief, as they know that beating Real 4-0 is by not customary thing, especially due to their high level.

Not making any changes to Barca’s approach to the game might be wisest thing that Luis Enrique can do with Barca, and hopefully this will continue to be very beneficial.