Roberto Martinez defends Everton after fan criticism

Roberto Martinez defends Everton after fan criticism from many fansRoberto Martinez was very defiant after Everton’s playing style was widely criticised by many fans, but white label sportsbooks know that his team is still in a very tough position.

Football fans can see that in the Premier League, Everton are ranked at 14th place after the team was only able to record 28 points in 28 of their games, which is not nearly as good as what they were able to accomplish in the season of 2013-2014.

The team’s first campaign with Martinez at the helm helped them finish at fifth place, being able to secure UEFA Europa League football in the process – something that gave many fans plenty of hope.

However, even though this term Everton were doing well in the European scene, they were not at their best at all while playing at home.

There were some fans who were blaming Martinez for the club’s problems after the manager insisted on patiently building up their play and keeping possession of the ball. However, the Spanish manager believes that problems involving the team’s concentration were what led to their woes, and many fans believe that he many have a point in what he said.

“Never – I don’t think you can [over-pass],” said Martinez. “You can never over-pass.

“Passing for the sake of it is not going to take you anywhere. There’s a reason behind every pass.

“We’ve got in winning positions, but we haven’t mastered how to keep those leads.

“We are the team with the biggest number of points lost from winning positions – 17 points which changes completely where you are in the table. It’s not a physical element.”

Martinez did admit that his side is in trouble, especially after they were only able to win one meeting out of the last twelve that they had in the league.

But the manager believes that his team’s experiences with Wigan Athletic on relegation struggles will be able to give an edge to Everton.

“Any team that hasn’t got 40 points in the final third of the season is in a relegation fight,” he acknowledged.

“The big advantage I have is that I’ve been through that every season.”

Everton’s fans hope that the team will be able to overcome their current problems and advance in the game. It won’t be easy, but white label sportsbooks believe that with the right amount of effort they can get over these hurdles.