Sports Labels: Haye said that he’s only ‘marking time’ with Fury fight

downloadDavid Haye – very famous with sports labels everywhere – said that he’s only ‘marking time’ by facing Tyson Fury as he waits for his opportunity to fight one of the Klitschko brothers.

White label services know that the Londoner is still very hungry to avenge being defeated by Wladimir, or fight his brother Vitali, before their careers end.

However, sports labels know that neither of the boxers seem to accept the fight now, and Haye implied that he doesn’t see Fury as being a threat, as he said that he was just ‘ticking over’.

“It doesn’t look like the Klitschkos are willing to come to the table any time soon, so instead of sitting around I thought why not get in the ring, go through training camp and keep myself ticking over,” he told Sky Sports.

But many sports labels are confident that a showdown with one of the Klitschko brothers will eventually happen, and soon enough.

“It’s a ‘marking time’ fight to keep me active, keep the fans happy. He’s really delusional and everybody wants to see this guy get knocked spark out. Who better to do that than myself?

“He says crazy things, but credit to him he’s 21-0 and a big guy – he’s 6ft 9in and I’m 6-3 – so it’s going to be entertaining while he’s able to stand up, but I’m looking to take him out pretty quick.

“I’m been in the ring with bigger guys before. I’m looking forward to the build up – he’s coming to beat me, nobody says the things he says unless they’re confident of victory.

“He’s in the top 10, he’s unbeaten. He hasn’t beaten any big names yet, (but) I think he can be dangerous on his day and he’s young and fresh. I’m a veteran now, I’ve been around a lot longer and it’s nice to be on the different side of things.

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“Just watch a clip of Tyson Fury. The guy is a lunatic, he’s rough and ready and dirty in the ring and he’s predicting a violent knockout. Obviously I have a different opinion but it’s going to be a great fight and a huge talking point over the next couple of months.”

White labels services everywhere and sports labels are anticipating an amazing showdown, and may the best man win.