Wilder’s trash talk doesn’t bother Stiverne

Bermane StiverneBermane Stiverne said that is doesn’t matter if Deontay Wilder is talking trash about him, as in the weekend, anything he says won’t a mean a thing when they face each. Live betting services can see that there’s plenty of tension between these fighters, and are anticipating a brutal showdown in Las Vegas.

Early on Sunday, Stiverne is set to make his WBC heavyweight title’s first defence in Las Vegas when he takes on Wilder – who is currently undefeated – and the challenger was telling anyone who was willing to listen how he’s planning to win the belt, something that his fans really want to see happen in fight night.

To date, Wilder was able to stop every single one of the 32 fighters that he faced, and said that his first meeting for a world title won’t be different at all: some of the things that he said were that his opponent will “not go past four rounds” and that he was looking to “hurt this guy”.

The threats issued apparently did not mean a thing to Stiverne – Canadian champion born in Haiti – and he sounded fully focused while speaking to reporters on Tuesday in Las Vegas.

“I really don’t feel any emotions towards Deontay Wilder,” said Stiverne, who last May was able to clinch the empty title while stopping Chris Arreola. “The most important thing is for me to defend my world title.

“All the trash talking that he does doesn’t worry me. He doesn’t have anything that I want. I am the champ. This is fighting, this is boxing, this is for real. I keep my concentration on the fight.”

Wilder went past three rounds only in four occasions, but Stiverne, who’s 36-years-old, and seven years the American’s senior, was getting ready to go all the way, and live betting services would like to see if he will indeed go the distance in this fight.

He said: “We trained like he was the champion. We didn’t talk about his past experience. We trained like he has gone 12 rounds before.

“I’m here to fight for the people. I fight to inspire people anywhere in the world, that’s my responsibility since I am the world champion.”

Boxing fans around the globe are looking forward to a very intense clash, and know that whatever happens in the ring, they won’t be disappointed with the action.