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2022 World Cup Date announced for December 18th

FIFA announced the 2022 World CupIt’s official. FIFA announced Thursday that the 2022 World Cup will be in Qatar December 18th, 2022, a switch from the usual June to July tournament dates. The tournament will last for 28 days, and the change of dates was made to avoid the scorching temperatures of summer in the Middle Eastern country, which can easily reach 47 degrees centigrade or 116 degrees Fahrenheit.

A start date has not been confirmed, but a 28 day schedule would have the tournament starting the weekend of November 19-20.

Many had cried foul when the country got the 2022 World Cup nod after allegations were made about bribes to the selection committee. 2 members of the Executive Committee were singled out by a whistleblower and suspended.

Qatar has denied any part in wrong doing in achieving the World Cup, and has received the blessing from FIFA to keep the achievement for 2022.